Dearest Emily (Poem)


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14yrs ago today you left this earth. I was lucky enough to have met you. Inspiring a decade of poetry.


14yrs later I continue to write RIP. Sai


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14yrs ago today you left this earth, that night I almost joined you. It was an unexpected event caused by reckless driving. Months before this unfortunate event I had the pleasure of you being my first friend. Remembering our every moment and your sarcastic influence. My life and future career is inspired by you. 14yrs of trial and error, yet Sai kept your legacy alive. Hence why this upcoming book is named Legacy untitled. So to a dear friend turned angel, Rip EJW. Your legacy will live forever live within me.


“Your Name” anime movie!

I finally had the pleasure of watching this movie (Again). It was emotional, beautiful, a roller-coaster of WTF just happened! My favorite animated movie this year. Rent it, watch it by yourself unless you don’t mind tearing up in public! I could sit here and write an entire review but no. Just watch it.

Following recipes –  Indian dish day. 

Have been a long while sense I posted anything healthy. Today I am working on an Indian dish – 

Paratha wrapped in chicken kebab – sautéed salmon in goan fish curry. Kale, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato. Using extra Virgin oil- with curry paste. –  and stuffed potatoes * vegetarian style * 

Best seasons to use. 

For dessert we have Gulaab Jamun 🙂 

Bombay biryani mixed vegetable rice. 

Seasoned salmon usually lasts me 4 days. 

Bon appetite- cooking for a few friends 😘

Seasoning everywhere… I am so ready for Atlanta