Dear Nature – poem


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Following recipes –  Indian dish day. 

Have been a long while sense I posted anything healthy. Today I am working on an Indian dish – 

Paratha wrapped in chicken kebab – sautéed salmon in goan fish curry. Kale, green peppers, mushrooms, tomato. Using extra Virgin oil- with curry paste. –  and stuffed potatoes * vegetarian style * 

Best seasons to use. 

For dessert we have Gulaab Jamun 🙂 

Bombay biryani mixed vegetable rice. 

Seasoned salmon usually lasts me 4 days. 

Bon appetite- cooking for a few friends 😘

Seasoning everywhere… I am so ready for Atlanta 

A monster called cancer. Poem.


RIP. A little Soldier who lost a war. You are loved always and will be missed.

Legacy Untitled.

Reoccurring dream…


So it has been over four years sense I went through a horrible breakup and made some bad choices. I still state at the moon and write poems in my head as i did that night. Watching it drown within her eyes, our future. Having, living, feeding a secret life is never an easy thing. Nothing to do with being Unfaithful but more of a life of whispers. Especially when most choices are not yours to make. – E.F.G – finished writing my book and now i constantly have nightmares/dreams about death. Every night or two It is something different. I think my mind is searching for peace. It wants to tell her my truth, not the truth. I feel like a man trapped looking out into the ever expanding universe. What is more important? My peace, or telling the girl i misled a few years ago it was not by choice. My book will speak for itself but it makes me wonder… Regardless would it be believed?